Race and Bullying in School Essay

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Since coming to America, I have moved to an ample amount of places because my father’s job concerns. I changed school frequently and in each new school I was never greeted with a warm welcome. With one glance my classmates saw I was different from them. I was often bullied and teased because of my racial difference from my classmates, from these experiences I became a quiet and docile girl. This way I thought I would not get in anyone’s way. I had closed up in the world in front of me; I never expressed my own opinions and always agreed with the majority. However secretly inside of me, I was frustrated not being able to express myself and yet I was unable to change. I craved to be what I was in the inside to be on the outside. Still by …show more content…
Finally I decided that I had enough of myself of being submissive so I gathered all my strength and asked her to be my partner for a school project. This was something new to me since usually I was the one that would never ask someone for a request. When I worked with her, it was the first time for me to have conversions with my partner. Before working with Kim I never spoke to my partners besides asking him or her questions about the project. While working with her, I learned that it was okay to express yourself. I started to grasp meaning to the phrase: “We only have one chance in life, so why not go for it with all your might?” Kim showed me that although there will be people trying to stop you from what you want, but you cannot let them stop you. By the end of the school year I had overcome my fear to express myself. I became one of the loudest students in the classroom along with my best friend Kim.
I have calmed down now since elementary school. Kim has caused a cogent drive in me to help other people be themselves. I am a notably activity member of my community and school. In school, I help founded Asian club at my school and currently I am the president. Asian club is a club that welcomes people from all races. There is a copious amount of activites that Asian Club host; one of the more recent activities was held at a member’s house. There, club members were taught to play Koran and Indian games.

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