Race and Class in Society Essay

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Race and Class in Society

Race and class are increasingly important in the world today; yet, few sources focus on the similarities of these issues at a regional or global level. Ideologies of race were used to justify colonialism, conquest and annihilation of non-European peoples, slavery, indentured labor, fascism and Nazism. Yet, a common impression among men and women of color is that race and class issues are unique to their own particular community. Still, it is only through awareness of how these issues affect different communities that a common bond and understanding can be developed across racial, ethnic, cultural and class barriers. Both governments and media present the image of an integrated, egalitarian society, which in
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The Forbes list goes a few steps further and not only supplies information about yearly earnings, but goes into detail regarding individuals assets and their command over monetary resources. African Americans are very well represented in the first list, which generates an optimistic view of how black Americans have progressed economically in the United States. Conversely, the near absence of blacks on the Forbes list paints a much more pessimistic outlook. Economists argue that racial differences in wealth are a consequence of disparate class and human capital credentials such as age, education, experience and skills, as well as one's propensity to save and consume. Sociology of wealth seeks to properly situate the social context in which wealth generation occurs. It attempts to account for the racial differences in wealth holdings by demonstrating the diverse social circumstances that blacks and whites face. Both race and class tremendously affect the different investment opportunities that are available to whites and blacks, resulting in a wealth gap. Certain individuals have commented on the impact of race and class in the United States and the public policy implications. The individuals chosen for this analysis are Quincey Jones and Kathleen Cleaver. Quincey Jones is an award winning composer, arranger and publisher. He derives his viewpoints from first hand experience as a result of his childhood and his involvement in the

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