Race and Ethnic Relations

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Worsening Racial Inequality through Recession Racial inequality has indeed become less common than in the past, but it is still very much present in our current everyday society. It may be true that the overt practices such as slavery, beatings, or blatant segregation are rare, but our American culture is progressing towards more covert racism, discrimination and segregation. This form is just as painful to subordinate groups, although increasingly discrete. There are many reasons to which we can attribute inequality. The article “Worsening Wealth Inequality by Race,” written by Taylor Luhby, specifically exemplifies the attribution theory and cultural and structural explanations. These explanations are very common and often times…show more content…
It is common in society for the population to rely on the attribution theory, and cultural explanations for the minority group. If this were not the case, the subordinate group would not be so disadvantaged. This view keeps these racial groups in an inferior position, which is what the dominant group strives for. The facts have indeed shown that these groups generally have a lower income, educational attainment and life chances, but this is only being encouraged by racial explanations. The main way in which minority groups will have a chance to move up the social ladder, is if dominant groups see them as equals, with the same reasons to fail as themselves. The many problems with the cultural explanation such as it blaming the victim, treating culture as static and assuming an equal start for all groups, furthers the racial wealth gap as well as many other gaps. The society of the dominant group will always come up with explanations to defend themselves and put down the subordinate group because of their ethnocentric beliefs. In the article, cultural and structural explanations are demonstrated, as well as the attribution error. Dominant groups must keep in mind that just because something is fact, does not mean there is only one cause. Hopefully the United States and the dominant groups can keep progressing towards an equal, less ethnocentric culture and
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