Race and Ethnicity

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Race and Ethnicity For long there has been a notion that the minority groups are usually poor and have a low living standard as well as contribute less to the economy of the USA. However, there is a group that is fast growing and is surmounting odds in overturning this notion. They are striving hard to attain the highest possible academic and economic levels in order to match the majority white population. Indeed they are surpassing a significant number of the white population; the Asian Americans. This class of Americans has come to be referred to as the "Model Minority" which is a term that came into use due to the distinct rise in level above the other minority groups in economic, academic and social statures. They are seen to be the high end Asians with proper education and property, engaging in trade and politics of almost all the states of the USA, and this has changed my view about the minority in a significant manner. Though in reality there are more than half the populations of the Asians who attend community colleges and even the four years colleges, there is a general overshadowing of this group by their richer counterparts. As noted by Los Angeles Time's Gale Holland (2008), there are two separate populations, "one high-income and high-education attainment, and then a second group, equally important, that is low-income and low-education attainment"¦ The [first group] has completely overshadowed the existence of the other group of folks." This indicates
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