Race in A Different Mirror’ by Ronald Takaki

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In the first Chapter of the book ‘A Different Mirror’ by (Takaki, 1993) the author embarks on a descriptive narrative that tries to elaborate the concept of a multiracial America. The chapter begins with the author taking a taxi ride in which he is subjected to racial discrimination. The taxi driver questions the author’s origin owing to the fact that his English is perfect and eloquent. This incident prompts a discussion that transpires throughout the chapter as the author tries to explain to his audience that America is a multiracial country with different ethnic groups that moved from their homelands to settle in the United States. The chapter discusses the settlement of various racial groups such as; English immigrants, African…show more content…
The first theme proclaims the royal monarchy by presenting the individual authority held by both the King and the queen. King Ferdinand of Aragon is established as the ruling authority of the Spanish kingdom. His daughter Queen Juana is presented as the ruler of the two regions of Castile and Leon. God is recognized as the supreme creator of both the heavens and the earth. The origin of man is explained through the creation of Adam and Eve, whom are the original ancestors that all men and women descended from. The author then tries to explain the events that led to the formation of kingdoms, which is attributed to the fact that a single kingdom could not be sustained. This resulted in the division of mankind into various kingdoms. The second theme elaborates the transition of power from God to the monarchs. This transition occurs through an intermediate institution that transfers divine power through religious mechanisms onto a political leadership. Divine power form God is transferred onto the Papacy that is given supreme authority and dominion over all men. St Peter is the first pope whose kingdom is centered in Rome form where he rules over all men: Gentiles, Jews, Christians and any other religious groups. The Papal lineage is established as the supreme power structure and all Popes that descend from St Peter are treated with the same respect and proclaimed as lord and king. One such pope is responsible for donating the lands of the Americas onto the King and
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