Rachna Shah's 'Our Dancing Days'

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Rachna Shah [Our Dancing Days] Three individuals sit clustered around a long table, a room wherein the lights are dimmed. There is a series of knocks at the door before a man is allowed to enter. Furtive movements sheltered by the darkness, the man, who dons the quintessential golden robe of his society, pulls a chair back, a deep grating sound emitted against the wood. MUSTAPHA MOND: [bangs a gavel against the table] The Council will now decide the fate of the Central Powers and the reorganization of the Terra Nova. It has been two hundred years since the Central Powers have been defeated. Modern society is falling apart, and the very foundation of the world is on the verge of splintering into multiple factions. The Central Powers have…show more content…
What does he contribute to humanity? MUSTAPHA MOND: Each of us were chosen for a reason. Mainly, [in an undertone], because we are representatives of failed societies. [speaks in a normal tone] You, More, for your level of analysis. Jack, perhaps for his approach to work and the role of a workforce in our country. JACK MERRIDEW: [still playing on Game Boy] Let people choose what they want to do with their time. It’s not as though they’d lose their minds; ‘after all, [they’re] not savages’ (42 Golding). For me, personally, if it feels good, I’ll do it, when I want to do it. I hate doing things when people tell me to do them. ‘Just giving orders that don't make any sense’ (91 Golding) teaches people to be reliant on the orders - they won’t understand the purpose behind certain actions, and then they’ll go through life without appreciating knowledge. SIR THOMAS MORE: Then let the people do the work that is natural to them. There will be no societal pressure to choose one profession over another, as all professions that benefit society are equal. By doing what makes them happy as well as knowing they are contributing to society, they will be content with
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