Racial And Ethnic Tensions That Can Affect Our Society

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Good Evening Nortcentral High,
Have you ever wondered why we discriminate or stereotype other individuals of a particular race, gender, age, or ethnicity? Because we live in world that is rapidly growing and becoming more diverse than ever, it is critical that we gain the knowledge and understanding of other cultures values, worldviews, and way of communication.
In this lecture, we will address the racial and ethnic tensions that exist in our school. In addition, there will be a short play demonstrating issues involving discrimination and stereotype. At the end or this transcript, you will find various resources for future reading. Hopefully this will help to expand your worldviews and perspectives on racism and how it can affect our society.
Today we are goring to defuse racial tension and put a stop to PDS! So what exactly is PDS? You guys are probably thinking that it is some type of killer drug or disease. However, it stands for the terms, prejudice discrimination and stereotype (PDS).
• Prejudice can be defined as a negative or unjust attitude toward an individual of a different group (McLeod, 2008).
• Discrimination can be defined as a negative or unjust attitude toward an individual because of his or her race, gender, age, or ethnicity (McLeod, 2008).
• Stereotype can be defined as a consistent, over generalized idea about a particular class of people” (Cardwell, 1996).
Racial Tension Affecting Our High Schools Students
When students express acts of racism,…
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