Racial Bias And Racial Stereotypes Essay

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The issue of race representation which becomes even more serious and cause for concern at the moment existed in the past until now, specifically the problem of racial bias and racial stereotypes. Well development of the media is one of the significant factors which influences the issue, especially in the medium of news reporting, for example, the newspaper, network and television news, etc. News contributes to transmitting incident information, but the appearance of news misrepresentation and the language in the news will affect the objectivity and the authenticity of the news, which the cause of intensification of the racial stereotypes and bias issues. News misrepresentation is one of the main cause create and intensify the issue of stereotyping and bias in ethnic minorities. Yet the concept of moral panic and deviancy amplification is used in news reporting. Moral panic is a concept suggested by theorist Stanley Cohen in his book "Folk Devils and Moral Panics" in 2002. Stan Cohen (2002) suggests moral panic occurred when something, for example, a condition, a person or a group of people, was ascertained as a threat to the societal values and benefit, it 's characters will be presented in stylization and stereotyping by the mass media. The organization or people, such as editors, bishop, with right thinking will manipulate the moral barricades and the diagnoses and solutions will be enunciated by the socially authorized experts. That is mean moral panic is a media
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