Racial Bias And Racial Violence

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In the United States, many deaths have occurred when a cop has shot a person of a different race for an unjustified reason. Majority of these victims have been unarmed and their reasoning for being shot is unknown. It seems as though since these victims are of different races, the reasoning can be suspected to have something to deal with racial bias. Racial killings are becoming more and more common to the world and are a bad epidemic for communities to face. The killings can cause many outbreaks and can make a community feel less safe to its’ citizens, especially those of color. In today’s society, equality of the races has been an issue and the outbreaks of racial killings do not help the fight for overall equality. Since the beginning…show more content…
In Pasco, Washington, three police officers were being violated by Antonio Zambrano-Montes, a Mexican immigrant, who was supposedly throwing rocks at the officers. The officers eventually resulted in shooting the unarmed man and Zambrano ultimately died on the scene. The three officers involved in that case were eventually not charged but the state of Washington is planning to review the charging decisions of the officers. While the federal government is investigating Zambrano’s death, the county in which the incident happened is insisting on an inquest to restore the trust with the Pasco community. The governor of Washington said, “I want to ensure that people have confidence and trust in the decision that was made in this case” (The Associated Press). The account between Antonio Zambrano-Montes and the three police officers was caught on video through a cellphone and the video went viral. The video set off many protests in the city where the incident took place. But after the decision to not charge the officers, no protests took place. In Franklin county, where the shooting occurred, prosecutor Shawn Sant believes the three officers in the case acted “in good faith and without malice” and the people of the community are “not surprised by this decision, but are disgusted and disappointed” (The Associated Press). There are no statements give by the officers involved, Adrian Alaniz, Ryan
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