Racial Bias And Racial Violence

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In the United States, many deaths have occurred when a cop has shot a person of a different race for an unjustified reason. Majority of these victims have been unarmed and their reasoning for being shot is unknown. It seems as though since these victims are of different races, the reasoning can be suspected to have something to deal with racial bias. Racial killings are becoming more and more common to the world and are a bad epidemic for communities to face. The killings can cause many outbreaks and can make a community feel less safe to its’ citizens, especially those of color. In today’s society, equality of the races has been an issue and the outbreaks of racial killings do not help the fight for overall equality. Since the beginning of 2015, nearly 1,000 people have been shot by law enforcement officers and as of September 1st, over 160 of these victims were unarmed. Police officers they killed on average about three citizens per day (Mint Press News Desk). There have been thousands of reported a cases of police officers shooing people who have been both armed and unarmed at the times of their deaths. In many cases, fatalities have occurred due to the results of law enforcement officers shooting unarmed individuals of many races. The cases of both Antonio-Zambrano Montes and Freddie Gray can thoroughly justify the belief of the overabundance of these instances. There are many examples dealing with the topic of unarmed shootings and the Antonio Zambrano-Montes case is
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