Racial Bullying Essay

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The word bullying is heard almost everywhere, but what does the word really mean? The definition of bullying according to Dan Olweus, the creator of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, is aggressive behavior that involves unwanted negative actions, involves a pattern of behavior repeated over time, and involves an imbalance of power or strength (Olweus). Bullying doesn’t affect just the victim, but it also affects the bystanders around the incident and even the person doing the bullying. There are several different forms of bullying, but one that stands out from all others is racial bullying. Racial bullying is offensive action against people because of the color of ones skin, cultural or religious background or ethnic origin. Racial…show more content…
The supporters are students who openly support the bullying through laughter or causing attention to the situation, but they don’t join in. Passive supporters are the student who like the bullying but don’t show signs of support. Disengaged onlookers are the student that don’t get involved but also don’t stand up to the bully; they mainly think that since it’s not happening to them than it’s not their problem. The possible defender is the student that don’t like the bullying and think that they should help the student being bullied, but in the end they do nothing because they’re afraid. The defenders are the student who hate the bullying taken place and try to help the student who is being bullied. Last but not least there is the student who is being bullied and don’t feel safe at school. According the article “Racist Bullying in School” by Nadra Kareem Nittle, “bullies pick on those they envy as well as those who don’t fit in (Nittle). Because students of color in predominantly white schools stand out in the crowd, they make convenient targets for bullies. It requires little imagination for a bully to insult a classmate because of race. A racist bully may leave racially tinged graffiti on school grounds or verbally single out a minority student’s skin color, hair texture, eye shape and other distinguishing features.” Racial bullying does not just affect one race, it affects many. A majority of races don’t just choose to bully
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