Racial Change During the 1900´s in America

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During the 1900’s America was experiencing a racial change. These years can be described as some of the best as well as worst situations for African Americans. African Americans were finally taking a stand and proving they were not “separate but equal” like the doctrine in Plessy v. Ferguson stated. Many associations rose since the country seemed to be headed for a drastic change. The NAACP came to be about in 1909, this is one of the oldest civil rights organization whose mission is to fight for social and economic equality. By examining a series of photographs in that time, it is seen how the NAACP overexpressed the idea of one society as a whole, achieved justice without any force of violence and faced dangers while fighting for equality. The main goal of the NAACP was to live in an unsegregated nation. This association overexpressed the ideology of racial justice. In order to promote their ideology, the NAACP created many posters advertising their beliefs. The NACCP-One Society is one poster that shows projects and activities sponsored by the NAACP. In this poster the first thing that is seen is blacks and whites working together. They are in the work force and community events helping each other. There are also children playing outside and one of them is being pushed in a wagon. That simple moment represents trust. The poster is promoting how both races have to trust each other in order to create a better nation. There are also white and black children being taught
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