Racial Comments Made by the Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Basketball Team

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About two weeks ago, Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, was found to be making racial comments to one of his mistresses about a picture she posted on a social media network called Instagram. Sterling also has a wife. In this picture was Sterling’s mistress, V. Stiviano, posing with a basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson at a Clippers game. Sterling found out about the picture by somebody calling him and informing him the Stiviano posted it, which infuriated him. Sterling then talked about it with Stiviano in a rage, which she recorded and later released to TMZ. In the recording, Sterling says many racial slurs regarding not only African Americans, but also minorities in general. There were many…show more content…
In the past, Sterling has also been accused of racist actions. Sterling should have lost ownership of the Clippers when these problems arose. Some of these accusations were made into lawsuits. Sterling owned buildings in Los Angeles and was accused of being racist towards his tenants. This included Sterling not allowing African American and Mexicans to live in his buildings because of the way they smelled. Sterling trained his employees to also treat minorities terribly, as “they refused to do repairs for black tenants and harassed them with surprise inspections, threatening residents with eviction for alleged violations of building rules” (sports.espn.go.com). Sterling settled this lawsuit with a huge payout. Then in 2009, the former general manager of the Clippers, Elgin Baylor, “filed an age and racial discrimination suit against his old boss alleging, among other things, that Sterling repeatedly expressed a desire to field a team of "poor black boys from the South... playing for a white coach” (sports.espn.go.com). Elgin also felt as if Sterling discriminated against him because he is an African American. This was someone that was very closely involved with Sterling and the Clippers showing that he expressed his racist feelings freely. Not to long after Sterling sued by “former coach Mike Dunleavy, who sought unpaid wages after he was terminated” (sports.espn.go.com). Both of these lawsuits were also settled in payout, which is an example

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