Racial Conflicts

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What is race and ethnicity? Can racial conflicts be eliminated by education? Can there be a time where one’s colour or background did not matter? Every modern day society faces racial conflicts. Humans are equal, whether they are white or black, etc. Hatred among different racial groups is common in out modern day society. Ignorance of the equality of every human causes racism. Humans need laws to follow and the lack of these laws cause conflict between humans. Erin Gruwell was optimistic about teaching a class of so many different backgrounds but it was much more challenging to get through to such angry teenagers. Racial conflicts in America include gang violence, and even murder. The Freedom Writers movie gives a clear description of the…show more content…
Rescuing a society from racial conflicts will cause a lot of people their jobs and even their lives but at the end it will be worth it for later generations. The situation in the film where Eva Benitez has to be a witness against an innocent teenager to save “one of her own” is an example of rescuing a society. She knew that her boyfriend killed the Asian guy but was influenced by her parents and friends to testify against a black guy who was also a suspect. With time, Eva realized that a criminal must be found even if it was someone she loves and that made her tell the truth to the judge about who killed the Asian guy. Another example of the ignorance of the equality of humans is when Tito drew a picture of a black man with big fat lips and passed it through the students until it got to Jamal Hill which was affected by the photo. The cause of these immature actions is feeling the need to disrespect others because one is not being respected themselves. Tito was proud and he reached his goal by bringing down Jamal’s self-esteem. When the teacher saw that drawing of a black man with big lips, she made a reference to The Second World War. She also made a reference to a gang during The Second World War who started out poor, angry, and looked down upon. This gang was given importance when Adolf Hitler came into power in Germany and that is when The Holocaust began. The Nazi’s had a certain outlook on the superior race and hated Jewish people. They
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