Racial/Cultural/Gender Identity

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Fast disclaimer, this isn’t about racial/cultural/gender identity and social change. I felt more passionate about this topic and felt compelled to write about it.
As a small child I always thought every one lived the same life as one another. No one had any reason to be sad or upset. That changed when I entered the daycare, I was 3 when I start to remember. I learned that not only was my family different they most in my class at that time, but that I also had so many reasons to be upset. Did I become upset, no. My grandfather has always told me life is as your perspective sees it fit. So I was as happy as a turkey after thanks giving dinner.
In kinder garden was when I first meet another little girl whose parents aren’t together like mine. She had no brother or sister though so it was just her. I recall her telling me things like when she didn’t want to do work in class because it was to tuff she would say it was because she was having problems with family, Mommy and Daddy
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“Raegen, what did that mean? Or more so why did you say that” At first I didn’t understand but then she told me what she was talking about. I told her my thought processes behind it for me. “I want to be happy, so I am. Look for the good in every scenario and take hold of it like it’s your life line. Then don’t think of the negative, see how life will change for you if you make that mental switch.”
Now back home today I learned she has taken a little of my advice and is talking with her mom again. I wish more people would see that approach. Lots of people see it as unrealistic, when it’s one of the most realistic things I now know. So many people now of days need pills to get over depression, or feel the need to always compare how bad life is for them. When it’s all in your hands. You have the power to see it how you want to. So do so, and when you make that switch you will be the light in some one ells
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