Racial Differences Between Criminal Involvement And The Subculture Of Poverty

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Social class differences are used to explain racial differences in criminal involvement in the United States. Social Class is defined as a division of a society based on social and economic status. Usually when a person thinks about crime in the United States, he also thinks about the race of the person and the crime. Thinking about crime anywhere in the world is to think about why certain groups of population have more criminal activity and involvement than other groups. People usually focus on race when they are looking at crime. Blacks are often victimized as being criminals than the whites. In Robert D. Crutchfield’s essay he talks about the subculture of violence and the subculture of poverty which explains crimes such as drug sales, property crime, and robbery. Within the subculture of violence he talks about crimes such as homicide and assault. This essay will discuss and explore the author’s central point’s as well as how Crutchfield describes subcultures of violence and poverty and if he agrees with the other explanations made by scholars about racial differences in criminal involvement. Crutchfield talks about the subculture of violence and how it affects African Americans neighborhoods. In a subculture of violence thesis by Wolfgang and Ferracuti mentioned that higher rates of violence in inner-city communities because the residents carried pro-violence values and norms. Wolfgang did not say that the subculture of violence only exists in the lower classes but
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