Racial Differences Between Racial And Ethnic Backgrounds

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It does not take much for someone to realize that in today’s society, there are still inequalities in our country. America may be a hundred and fifty years past the civil war when white and black racial lines were erased, but they are more present today than in recent years. The recurrence of these racial lines has been caused by the economic gap, violence on the streets, and miscommunication of facts.
The economic gap has been growing drastically between racial and ethnic backgrounds. According to a study by the Pew Research Center this wealth gap has been growing since the Great Recession. In their study, they found that white individuals had thirteen times greater net worth and when looking at white to Hispanic, white individuals had ten times greater net worth. White individuals in the study had a median net worth in 2013 $141,900. Black individuals had a median net worth of $11,000. Hispanics have a median net worth of $13,700 (Fry and Kochhar). Racism is not just centered on the amount of money each individual has but the effects of not having enough to provide the necessities and what it can do to an individual in need. When children are starving and the mother is not able to provide for them something clicks and all morality is out the window. The mother does not have a choice but to break the law in any manner to get ahead because she is placed on such an uneven playing field.
The economic gap stuns economic growth for our country because there are less and less
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