Racial Differences Of The African American Race

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Racial differences is one of the most common reasons why most disturbances and conflicts happens in our world. The African-American race seems to be dealing with this issue for a very long period of time. Between the early 1900’s and the 1960’s three very influential individuals looked to change the mindset of the African-Americans in their time and establish their way of equality and equity. Where three different mindsets and ideas all with the common goal of raising the average African-Americans human value and worth higher. The oppression of the people of their own race fueled their drive to make a difference. A change was a must and these three individuals I will be talking about were the catalysts behind a movement they believe was going to accomplish that common goal. From Marcus Garvey and his ideas of unifying all African-Americans to their new and own government and nationalism. Then to Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King and their two different approach in the new wave of racial discriminatory actions in the country but unrecognizable similar ideas. All looking to provide a racial freedom and justice for their people and everyone not giving those opportunities.
Marcus Garvey a jamaican migrant who was influenced by the strong nationalism of his home country and the outright unity of all the African-Americans used that in his dissent. Forming the U.N.I.A. that had claimed over 4 million followers he began outletting his outspoken words in creating an all black…
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