Racial Discrimination : A Racially Motivated Justice System

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Whenever I hear about discrimination, prejudice or stereotypes, as they relate to race, ethnicity and you name it, my system aches. Being inhumane and lack respect for your fellow brothers or sisters, regardless of color, speaks volume and causes unsettling issues in our society today. In this assignment, my mission is to share an historic event that took place in Martinsville, VA back in 1949. This case includes rape and a racially motivated justice system, that leads to racial discrimination; ultimately, led to the execution of seven. This case garnered international recognition and eventually left an indelible scar on the world. With numerous evidence of racial discrimination, I have put together a compelling argument which establishes…show more content…
Reading these reports have disrupted my thought process; insofar, flashes of my daughter, sisters and all the females in my life, cannot imagine them ever being gang raped. By the way, wouldn’t this entire ordeal caused psychological trauma? There is no question whether the event happen, but the result of the rape created a major uproar and lives were ended. Mrs. Floyd was certainly traumatized, she reported to the police being raped thirteen times as if thirteen men actually raped her, then she only identified seven men. Please help me clarify this report. It was dark, and in a state of trauma she reported being raped thirteen times by thirteen men. How can she recall being raped that much time while in a state of shock, then to top it off, she identified only seven men who alleged raped her in the dark? But it was dark! Was she wearing night vision goggles? And how could she remember the faces in the dark while in a traumatized condition? There are still missing information and numerous unanswered questions were ignored. Eventually, those seven men receive the death penalty via the electric chair.
A barrage of unanswered questions kept flowing through my mind. Like, according to the
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