Racial Discrimination Against African Americans

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The sources that contained in this research report are reliable, since there are many specific and real data that have been gathered and interpreted from some legal organizations and communities that related to the racial discrimination issues in America (United States Department of Labor). Moreover, some of the sources also retrieved from well-known American newspapers, such as Washington Post (These ten charts show the black-white economic gap hasn’t budged in 50 years, 2013), which make the data and information are always pay attention and focused on problems that happened in America based on American perspective. Another reason that makes the sources used in this research report reliable is because some of them have been gathered from…show more content…
At that time, most of the African-American employees in the Coca Cola Company have been discriminated in terms of sexual harassment, payment, and chances to get promotion. In fact, most of their salary are always one-third lower than the white employees. 3. Irrational reason of termination by McDonald’s Racial discrimination against African-Americans in terms of illegal firing process have been once caused by one of the famous fast-food company called McDonald’s. According to Kasperkevic (2015), McDonald’s franchisee that located in Virginia, America, has been racially terminated nine of its African-American employees by using an irrational reason, which investigated as “having too many black employees”. As a consequence of the discrimination, McDonald’s have been brought to the court, even though the process is still ongoing. 3. Case Study There are some big and well-known multinational companies that originally established and developed in America, which have been investigated after doing racial discrimination against their African-American employee in the workplace. Although most of them have been known as multinational companies with many good reputation and achievement, on the other hand the human resource management system that those companies had is not as
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