Racial Discrimination Against Black Americans

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Race Matters
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Race Matters

Question 1
The author Cornel West has addressed the prevalent issue of racial discrimination in the United States of America. His book holds a pivotal position as a best seller that talks about the urgency and importance of this issue. He has actually highlighted a range of issues that involves the racial discrimination against the Black Americans (West, 1993). He has opened discussions on the critical situation of black leadership, the injured relations between the Jews and the Black Americans, the conservatism of the Black Americans, and the parables of the black sexuality in America (Miah, n.d). The topic of racial discrimination is not a new one, but the bold interpretations of Cornel West has made the book worth reading. It has been an old debate now that the Black Americans are deprived of their fundamental rights in the United States, and due to this unequal and unjust treatment, there is a clear line of distinction between the societal values of the Black Americans and White Americans (West, 1993). Being different on the basis of cast, creed, culture, color, and ethnic background, Black Americans have been suffering from racial disparity, which is expected to be in prevalence for yet some more centuries.

Question 2
Cornel West has engaged his audience with his remarkable commentary on the past and present conditions of the Black Americans and their issues in the United States. The…
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