Racial Discrimination And Its Effects On American Culture

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If there is one thing I have noticed during my, admittedly, short sixteen years, it is the racial discrimination and obvious bigotry of the those who are not "white". Stereotypes and detrimental comments are slung every which way. Others, rely on subtle jabs while some are oblivious to the offense of the people they are around. It seems to me, that people do not seem to care. I have listened to countless conversations where people would nonchalantly insult their own culture and heritage as if they were being humorous. I have friends who would willingly describe themselves as whitewashed. Washwashed: Used to cover up or gloss over faults, errors, or wrongdoings, or absolve a wrongdoer from blame. It is interesting to say in the least. What are they saying that is wrong? Are we wrong to have been forcefully and unknowingly assimilated into Western culture? I have spent so much time learning English from a young age that my competence with my mother tongue is practically nonexistent. We live in a multicultural country, but Canada had only been known for its hospitality and welcoming atmosphere for a couple of decades. Funny how many ugly, bloody things can be quickly swept under the rug. The Komagata Maru is an excellent example of racial discrimination, as well as the many residential schools that wrecked abuse and havoc upon so many Native families. On a short term mission 's trip this summer, we were invited by a First Nations reserve on Vancouver Island to help run a

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