Racial Discrimination And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Racial Discrimination, Can Ruin People’s Life
Racism always does harm to the people more or less .Most of the people become grumpy and aggressive after they went through the racism violent. The only thing in their minds is fighting for their future. The incorrect and radical thoughts lead them go to a wrong way—doing inappropriate things in their life which can’t change the society.
Racism is a kind of discrimination which based on different ethnics or colors. It is existing all over the world. It has existed from ancient times to now. It was started by governments for dividing different classes to show how noble the rulers were. As we all thought, it was an awful policy in ancient times. As society develops, people have some wars and they won them in many countries. However, horrible racism lasts still now, ruins some people’ life seriously.
The groups of people who are treated in bad, unfair and violent ways must bear mock and violent which will make bad effects on their heart. They get the unfair treatments due to the ridiculous reasons-- ethnic and color. The hurt will last for their whole lifetimes and will affect their decision in their future. Most of the times, their affected decision will make their life worse.
In the movie THE FREEDOM WRITERS, Eva’s father was sent to the prison innocently. She has hated the white and the useless society since the thing happened. Eva’s mind swayed after she read the ANNE FRANK’S DIARY and had a really warm talk with Eric. But…
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