Racial Discrimination And The Criminal Justice System

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Racial discrimination is defines as racism that implicates the credence in racial differences, which acts as a justification for non-equal treatment of members of that race. Also, this paper will be focusing on the race industry within the criminal justice system in all level law enforcement, courts and court system. Racial discrimination can be researched back in history its leading enablers take it as undisputable that the African American community has the highest number of incarceration rates result within the criminal justice system. According to many evidence and statistics is can be stated that at a presidential primary debate Barack Obama made a statement that blacks and whites are arrested and charged within a different rate the black community arrest rate is higher than the white community in the courts and in the correctional facility system. Where the courts are quicker to give a white offender a better deal to ensure that they are back with their family and community. The minority do not receive the same fair sentence when they are being punished African American are offenders are subject to harsher sentences. Moreover, the white community receives different sentences compared to the African American, black population or offenders. The statement was made by president Obama doing the Martín Luther king Day event which was a great day to point out problems within the criminal justice system because it is a disgrace of a criminal-justice system that incarcerates
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