Racial Discrimination And The Freedom Rides

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Racial discrimination is an inevitable concern in this current society. In Australia, it was an underlying, yet very apparent issue during the mid 1900’s. However, this began to change with the assistance of Indigenous Australian Charles Perkins and Sydney University students. They aimed to break the various physical and social barriers between Aboriginals and white Australians by touring Northern New South Wales. This was officially known as the 1965 Freedom Rides. It can be hypothesised that there were multiple factors that were involved in the 1965 Freedom Rides that contributed remarkably towards the 1967 Referendum. The evidence gathered from multiple sources aim to support the thesis statement, discussing matters involving the aims and outcomes of the Freedom Rides, the media involvement in the Freedom Rides, as well as the laws and rights formed in the Referendum as a result of the Freedom Rides increasing awareness of racial inequality. These factors notify the significance of the Freedom Rides. Firstly, there were many aims and outcomes achieved in the Freedom Rides that had a significant effect on the Australian community. In a newspaper article by The Sydney Herald in 1965 that was aimed towards the general public, it reported that the Freedom Riders strived to break down the barriers of the Indigenous by using passive resistance. It was said that the group of Australians would hold demonstrations in certain towns, communicating and displaying awareness of
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