Racial Discrimination Essay

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Racial discriminative terms through N Gram (20701 김민경 20712 이서연 20713 이예은)

1. Introduction : research motive Although we know the words that belittle black man, such as " nigger ", we have never heard of the words that demean the other races. So, we wondered whether there was a word that demeans the white man. While searching for this question on the Internet, we found the story that KKK which is the first white supremacy group burned down the black house and assaulted black men. In addition, that story mentions much about the word that depreciates white man called ‘Cracker’. Other stories of terror directed toward blacks also include ‘Cracker’. Through these stories, we came to know that when the terror directed toward blacks happened, the use of words that depreciate white man such as ‘cracker’ increased. So we wondered if the words that demean other races were used frequently when events related to each race occur. Our team can surmise that words which depreciate each race were more frequently used when events related to each race occur. And we decided to look into whether our supposition is true or not through N-gram.

2. White derogatory term(백인 비하 용어)

2-1. Definition of the words
▶Cracker : A usually derogatory and/or offensive term for white people, especially poor rural whites in the Southern United States. It is sometimes used in a neutral or positive context or self-descriptively with pride.
▶White trash : A racial slur referring to poor white people,
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