Racial Discrimination

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Racism has been an international catastrophe for many centuries. With all of the advances in modern society and human behavior, racism is still a crisis that many people have to deal with. It can occur in any place or at any time, including in the workplace. Racial discrimination arises when someone is treated differently based on their actual or perceived race. Many people believe that if one were to be in the vicinity of a respected workplace that they would be respected by all co-workers and employers; this is in no way true. A big amount of minority employees are affected by racial discrimination in the workplace whether it’s from their employers or their fellow co-workers. Racial discrimination is something that is always going to…show more content…
There are many instances where employers/employees are not even aware that they are discriminating against someone. Although they might not be aware of it, when employers hand out hiring tests and have hiring practices that single out people, that is considered racial discrimination as well.
Racial discrimination in the workplace does not only occur between the employer and the employee, it could happen between employees and other fellow employees. There have been numerous instances where employees of color are treated with disrespect from other co-workers. They associate African-American co-workers with racial slurs and can be very rude to them as well. With all of these negative interactions occurring, there are still many instances where the problem is either dealt with poorly or not even dealt with at all; and that is something that needs to change. As I stated before, there are many problems associated with racial discrimination in the workplace that are left unattended. Those problems are associated with many solutions as well. For example, if a company starts up an anonymous racial discrimination complaint service, it would most likely make a lot of minorities feel a lot more comfortable in the workplace. Whenever a racial situation comes across in the workplace, employees can anonymously report the situation without being judged by fellow co-workers or

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