Racial Discrimination

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I watched in shock as the man was taken down with a chokehold by the officer, and then four other officers joined in the attempt to restrain the man. The man repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe” while being held face down in a chokehold and restrained by five officers until losing consciousness. Racial bias has been a big source of controversy in our society today because of the many cases of police brutality that have been recorded and seen by the public. The police brutality case I was describing in the beginning is Eric Garner’s case who was held in a chokehold and restrained by five other officers that rendered him unconscious and led to his death because police suspected him of selling single cigarettes without tax stamps. There are also articles that have expressed their opinion on the topic of racial bias in our law enforcement today because of the many recorded cases similar to Eric Garner’s. One such article that brings my attention is the American Civil Liberties Union article “Racial Justice”, where they talk about topics such as racial profiling and bias in the criminal justice system. In the article they express their opinion on an example of racial bias known as racial profiling which has been used by the law enforcement and is one of the main reasons why law enforcement target people of color. They also express how racial profiling has been the cause for detentions, interrogations, and searches without evidence of criminal activities based on race, ethnicity,

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