Racial Discrimination

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Being on the receiving end of discrimination is probably one of the most humiliating and belittling things one can face. Sometimes people emphasize the different types of discrimination and who can cause it, rather than focusing on the long-term effects of discrimination. Nowadays, there are a variety of campaigns, such as Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter that focus on different types of racial and civil injustice. While those campaigns are helpful, as they help bring to light problems that are not usually discussed in the open, the discussion is generally about the physical aspect of discrimination, but seldom about how the person(s) on the receiving end of discrimination feel and deal with discrimination.
Prejudice can affect so many people in their everyday lives, physically and mentally, people like Latinos/Hispanics, Caribbeans, African-Americans (in the United States and the United Kingdom), and Asian Americans. Being racially discriminated against can cause mental illnesses and cause a change in their lifestyles, starting with Asian Americans.
Beginning with the Asian Americans lifestyle, most Americans assume that Asian Americans are automatically smarter because that is precisely how they are depicted from societies point of view. Never known for having issues they could not fix in a matter of minutes and probably not known for being discriminated. Author and researcher M.S. Spencer investigates that interviews and studies a variety of Asian

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