Racial Discrimination

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Individuals discriminate others based on class, race or gender and in general the discrimination can take many different forms. In our today’s society we can’t avoid nor deny the separations from individuals based on their skin color. “The impact of racism begins early. Even in our preschool years, we are exposed to misinformation about people different from ourselves. Many of us grew up in neighborhoods where we had limited opportunities to interact with people different from our own families” (Tatum, 125). From my own perspective those sentences are unfortunately true in every way. We live in a racial world and it doesn’t matter if you in school, at the park or at work people treat individuals of color differently. Tatum makes essay a great statement in her essay “Sometimes it is so thick it is visible, other times it is less apparent, but always, day in and day out, we are breathing it in. None of us would introduce ourselves as “smog-breathers” (and most of us don’t want to be described as prejudiced),…” (Tatum, 127) the author compares and associates smog with racism “…but if we live in a smoggy place, how can we avoid breathing the air?” (Tatum, 127). We are living in a time where we have to accept each other, no matter of what or who we are but sadly that isn’t the case yet. The first step is to start with ourselves, do your part to help make this country even world a better place to live for future generations with equality for every race.

A still existing issue in
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