Racial Discrimination In Advertising

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Turn on a tv anytime and you will see a degrading ad. This is often more prevalent during the Super Bowl. A Doritos commercial showing the only way to get a man’s attention is for a woman to cover herself in only Doritos. In today’s society the want to be perfect and live a perfect life is utilized by advertisers. Differences in race, gender, and body image are exploited in order to sell products. Advertiser’s use their definition of an ideal race to sell a product or cater to a certain audience. In 2006, Sony released an ad for the new white playstation. It featured a white model in all white grabbing the face of an African American model dressed in all black. This created great controversy over the message that White’s dominate Blacks. Sony claimed that the ad simply dramatised the difference in color of the two Playstations. Sony exploited the differences in race in order to sell their product. In turn creating national news and drawing attention to their product. A more recent commercial, featuring Kendall Jenner, for Pepsi has created mixed emotions. In the ad she joins a protest group. In the end, she hands a cop a Pepsi. He takes it and smiles back at her. The ad causing people to suggest that it insulted Black Lives Matter issues. The fact a can of soda can end major issues such as police brutality. Pepsi used a diverse group of people in the crowd, but their focus was a famous caucasian woman, Kendall Jenner, handing a Pepsi to a caucasian police man. Instead of
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