Racial Discrimination In African American History

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It is normal for us to see people with different race around us now that do service and labor in America , and they mostly don't get discriminated because of their race. However, there was a different story of racial discrimination back in American history. Overtime there are many changes for racial discrimination that has been made in the treatment of the people who build, serve, and protect our country in different ways, those people are the African-American and the Native Americans. One of the most important group of people who are a big part of American history are African-American. They went through a lot of service and labor journey for them to be noticeable by others, for example, “In almost two terms as president, Roosevelt- like most other progressives-…show more content…
He did, however, support a few individual African Americans,”(The Americans Textbook, page 530). African Americans fought for attention to be able to gain
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