Racial Discrimination In Education Case Study

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Discrimination According to the free advice staff (2016), “racial discrimination in education refers to any harassment of students based on race, color, or national origin” (Para. 1). The actions of discrimination are nothing new. Discrimination takes on many forms and have occurred over many years. Discrimination has even been brought back to focus through the media coverage of current events. Discrimination of the 1950’s represented an age of equal opportunities in education. One such educational opportunity pursued was at the University of Texas Law School where a student wanted admission but because of his color was denied access. The fight for equal education is then established and the case of Sweatt v Painter begins. The Reason cited in Complaint Sweatt v Painter is a case that shifted equality in education to new standards of admission and enrollment for African Americans. The complaint in this case was in the automatic application denial of admission for Herman Marion Sweatt to the University of Texas Law School. According to the state law of the time, blacks could not have access to the University. The institutions way of resolving the issue was to offer him acceptance through a separate facility. The facility was the School of Law of the Texas State University…show more content…
As a practical matter, it greatly facilitated the demise of segregation in universities, graduate, and professional schools” (p. 67-68). Other cases that followed continued the awareness and pushed for equal education. Cases such as Cumming v. Richmond County Board of Education, Plessy v. Ferguson, Berea College v. Kentucky, Henderson v. United States, and McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education stood against physical isolation of blacks who were admitted to facilities open to
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