Racial Discrimination In Health Care

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Research into the impact of race/ethnicity on health is an important science because it will reveal why there are certain health disparities between certain races and why certain races always rate their health as being poor. For example, according to Sorkin, "racial/ethnic minorities are more likely to report receipt of lower quality of health care" (Sorkin 390). Furthermore, she also discovered that African Americans and Asian/Pacific Islanders are more likely than any other race to rate their health care on a lower tier than other races. Additionally, her research revealed that African Americans and Hispanics were more likely than other races to report discrimination. Lastly, Sorkin states that in response to discrimination, "patient perceptions of discrimination may play an important, yet variable role in ratings of health care quality across racial/ethnic minority groups" (Sorkin 390).

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"Our findings that racial discrimination is associated with lower utilization of cervical cancer screening supports previous research on the effects of racial discrimination on screening and health care utilization" (Mouton 295). Mouton's research supports the fact that increased research into the impact of race/ethnicity on health is an important science. The results of his research concluded that African American women who faced discrimination within a health care setting we less likely to utilize those facilities or the testing involved with those facilities. This is especially true concerning more intimate examinations such as Pap smears or pelvic examinations. As Mouton says within his research, "[t]he process of cervical cancer screening may be perceived as more intimate, and concerns over racism might have a greater impact on women's willingness to allow pelvic examinations and receive Pap tests" (Mouton
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