Racial Discrimination In Religion

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been the center of much attention throughout modern history, whether it be about the polygamists, the Book of Mormon, or Joseph Smith seeing God, or the restored priesthood. Though the church is known to have these forms of controversies, we see through history that no organization or group is free from mistakes and criticism. Throughout history in general, there has always been some sort of religious contention around the globe. A large point of contention then and even now is the factor of race in religion and the certain rules and restrictions implemented into the religion regarding race. Racial segregation was alive and well during the time the church was restored, and naturally all the people during this time period would feel a certain way towards people of color. During this time of when the Church was still new, like other religions, it taught us the value of being kind to others and to bring peace unto one another, but due to the time that it was, there was great racial segregation against the black community. It was until 1987 that African Americans were not allowed to join in on temple “endowment or sealing ordinances” (LDS.org) and those of color, who were males, were not allowed to receive the gift of the priesthood. Thankfully, the rules prohibiting them from being able to receive these gifts have been removed, as mentioned above, in 1987. Though this portion of history is covered up a lot, it is important
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