Racial Discrimination In Workplace Essay

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As human beings, it is instinctual to be social beings by frequenting social restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. It seems as with each passing year these establishments are becoming more and more diverse. However, despite each establishment claiming to be openly diverse, can they still practice discrimination against individuals of different races? In this paper, we will be analyzing an audit study conducted to determine whether racial discrimination is practiced in a popular nighttime bar.
Literature Review
I want to begin by defining race. Race is a simple social construct that was used to create an order to exploit individuals that did not look European (Gallagher, 2009). This simple social construct has been an excuse to racially
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The last article is interesting as it emphasizes that in order for any minority to avoid being discriminated against, they have to modify their racial identity.
Our group decided to further research discrimination in a popular bar. We decided to conduct our study in a bar as bars are extremely popular and are increasingly becoming more diverse. According to de Bruin (2011) an individual can only have a full positive experience at a nightclub bar if they blend in the crowd, by wearing the standard clothing and embracing the culture of the bar. De Bruin informs us that despite minorities possibly being met with resistance at first, if they look and dress like every other individual in the bar they would fit in.
My groupmates and I decided to conduct our audit study at the famous 360 Midtown Bar, as this specific bar has had racial allegations, where they have discriminated against ethnic minorities. Just two years ago the bar was known as the Gaslamp, and it had to be renovated as they were faced with a lawsuit for discriminating against black civilians. In order to conduct our audit study thoroughly, we broke down our experiment into two parts. First, we plan on having our male groupmates whom are of
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