Racial Discrimination

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Research topic: Does racial discrimination cause poverty among black people in America? The scene of ghettosThe with poor living conditions of the ghettos in whichwhere black people live is not uncommon., Iit actually manifests a larger picture of racial discrimination which is closely related to poverty. Racial discrimination is about the pre-conceived notion that black people are inferior; they are more prone to violence and totally relianty on social welfare to survive. As a result of these stereotypical images, black people receive low quality education and they will have less job opportunities, not to mention the limited access to the welfare system. In this essay, we shall discuss whether racial discrimination causes poverty among …show more content…
This clearly illustrates how such kind of policpoliciesy aggravates existing disparities in the education system. Uneven distribution of wealth is also a major problem, causing poverty among black people. It is suggested that due to racial segregation and a controlled political environment by white people, black people usually find it difficult to assimilate themselves into the labor force and civil society (Ducan, 1999). In the U.S., per capita income of the whites is almost five times more than that of the blacks, which clearly illustrates the serious problem of a widening wealth gap between these twodifferent racial groups. The findings from Mean Racial Wealth Gap across 181 U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas shows that the standard deviation of wage between the blacks and the whites is the highest in among comparison toof different racial groups such as Latinos and white people and Asians and white people., Iit clearly points out that the most severe wealth gap exists between black and white people. However, upward mobility is restricted for the black blacks as they face racial discrimination in the process of hiring and firing. Only about half of working-age black men are employed, compared to two-thirds of white men, but even if black menpeople are employed, they are usually engaged in low-paid jobs so that they can barely affordsupport their daily expenses. It is likely that black people are being exploited in the labor
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