Racial Discrimination

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Why is racial discrimination often tolerated in the United States? Have you ever been joked at by people? For the color of your skin, for your ethnicity or belief? That is just one of many forms of racial discrimination. Racial discrimination has existed for a long time, and even though there have been efforts to stop racial discrimination, it occurs on an everyday basis. People with racial differences are set apart from the crowd and are harassed beyond belief. This results in divisions that have separated the world and has created many conflicts. So, if it’s so wrong, why is it still tolerated? To begin, in the book American Born Chinese, it can be seen within the first two chapters of the book racial discrimination. In Yang’s book, there are several examples of racial discrimination. The Monkey King, for example, though he was as powerful (or more powerful) than the other deities at the dinner party since the Monkey King was not a deity, he could not enter the party. This is another example of racial discrimination, even if it is fictional. Another example is in the second chapter, one of the main characters, Jin Wang, is racially discriminated against by the students. Several times in fact, such as him being related to Suzy Nakamura since they were both Asian or when told by a boy to stay away from his dog so he wouldn’t eat it. Further, when Jin is discriminated in front of the teacher, the teacher is technically tolerating the student’s remark.

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