Racial Discrimination, a Long History

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Throughout history, discrimination has been one of the most discussed topics. Discrimination can be understood as a negative attitude toward individuals based on their beliefs in religious, racial, ethnic, political, or other domains. Our world has always faced the problem of discrimination. Discrimination does not just happen in one place or country; it happens everywhere in the world and affects different types or groups of people. Just as we live in a culturally diverse society, myriad countries has encountered at least one form of discrimination. Racial discrimination, one of most common type of discrimination, has existed for thousands of years. Racial discrimination occurs when a person is treated unfairly because of their race,…show more content…
They would do such things as violent threats to make them leave their town and even such things as shootings and hangings just because they had a different skin color. This hatred and belief in the inferiority of African Americans entangled violence. Throughout the course of history, similarly to the blacks in America, the Jews in Europe have also been marginalized and suffered the greatest infraction against humanity in history. At that time of history the political leader of Germany was Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party. He promised the German people that the country would get better if he got rid of the inferior race, which is the Jews. Nazism, the political system led by Hitler during World War 2, said “the best races were the purest ones that didn’t mix with other races; the supreme race was the “Aryan” race” (Arrieta par.1). Hitler felt that there was no place for Jews in their country. His hatred turned into inspiration for the policy of racial segregation and cruelty. It was the beginning of an era of disaster and massacre for Jews. Many discriminatory and violent attacks submerged Jewish neighborhoods. Nazi mobs broke the glass in Jewish shop windows; they stole from Jewish apartments, torched synagogues, and sent thousands of Jews to concentration camps. It was during this disastrous time that “Over 400 Jews were murdered and a fine was
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