Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System

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Institutional racism is alive and well in the juvenile justice system as it is in the criminal justice system, due to racial disparity and bias in the court room” (Jones, Bridgett). This is a statement that plagues many people involved in the justice systems. There are huge racial disparities throughout the world. Post-Slavery: the early development of the Race/Crime Connection, Profiling: Racializing possible cause, and differential bias involvement as well as institutional racism. We can work on having better policies and procedures driven into police practices and we need to make sure people of color are not excluded from juries to stop most of the disparity.
There are a lot of stereotypes and misguided points that surround a certain racial population that make people jump to conclusions without knowing the truth. Post is slavery one of the many things we as Americans, look on as shameful ignorance. Slavery affects African Americans today because there has been no real justice served. Black people back in the day lost all the political and economic gains that where accomplished. The sad part is many believe that slavery is a thing of the past, but we still suffer in other ways. Samiullah Mustafa a historical professor say’s “Many blacks have to live with terrible housing, lack of employment opportunities, bad health care and education. This all exist because black people had to catch up and have been denied opportunities that were always there…
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