Racial Disparity in Native Son and Go Tell It on the Mountain

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Racial Disparity in Native Son and Go Tell It on the Mountain

Native Son and Go Tell It on the Mountain are clearly social critiques of the black experience in conflicts with white dominated society. They are powerful works of literature; media formulated to spark social awareness and illuminate the racial disparity in American society. Both pieces present the necessity for change not only in the African-American community but also in all of society in hopes to end racial prejudice and inequality. Although Baldwin and Wright's messages of reform are similar, each presents differing avenues for achieving that change. They deliver significantly opposing messages of dealing with the rage that oppression and hate generates. James
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It is a message about changing the individual's heart before attempting to change others. Baldwin saw that it was impossible to the overcome hate with more hate. It was his own belief that his "…real life, was in danger, and not from anything other people might do but from the hatred that [he] carried in [his] own heart." The choices are simple: either attempt to change the world or change the individual.
In Native Son, Bigger is so lost in his own rage that it allows him to commit horrible crimes without remorse. It is not Richard Wright's intention to create a hero in Bigger Thomas but a sympathetic character trapped by white society into committing his acts of violence. Wright wants the reader to understand that in a world of injustice it may take that same injustice to open people's narrow minds. Bigger and the society that he lives in, allots him few options for progress. Like many in the "real" world, Bigger chooses to break through "white" structured choices with violence. He finds an empowerment like never experienced. Similar to the work of Flannery O'Connor, Bigger's violence is used to shock the characters of the story, the heart of the reader, and ultimately society.
To understand Wright's message of proactive change in the African-American community, we can look at the creation of Bigger Thomas' psyche. He is a black male with limited education partly by choice and partly by situation. But it is

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