Racial Diversity

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Racial diversity should be facilitated into nationwide colleges and universities. A percentage of these institutions fail to have their racial demographics sufficiently proportioned to society in general. A diverse institution can ideologically be explained as representing the traditional attitudes and values of America; sufficiently different in regards to ethnicities. A diversity dilemma occurs when such status is nonexistent. For instance, there is a school whose student body is composed of unproportionate percentages of ethnicities, seventy-five percent other and twenty-five percent Caucasian. It is a form of cultural deprivation to minority populations and ideal for one’s culture to be lost. Louisiana State University, an urban flagship university of Louisiana, is often criticized for its lack of ethnic diversity. The university has unproportioned demographic ratios similarly explained prior. Seventy-three percent of LSU’s student body is composed of Caucasians, while the other twenty-seven percent are blacks, Hispanics, Natives, etc. As a reaction to critics, LSU has conveyed a sense of diversity through school promotions, from freshman admissions to student involvement. Specifically, there is a student government advertisement that displays an apparent attempt to show how potentially diverse LSU could be. The artifact is a visual of a demographically inferior person leading a group of other ethnicities through a conversation. This image targets an audience of
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