Racial Division And Injustice : The Demeaning Denotation Of Difference

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Racial Division & Injustice: The Demoralizing Denotation of Difference

The unmarked status of whiteness represents an ability to exist with a sense of entitlement, an unmarked status of privilege and structural advantage and advancement. Whiteness brings a sense of belonging; it is about who has to explain or justify their presence within certain spaces and who does not. It is defined by the exclusion and inclusion of people that often results in unfair and bias displacement of people (i.e., reservations). White became a persons reference point for citizenship, power and influence therefore a persons connection to “whiteness” guided or helped to better understand their level of privilege.
Political processes, spaces, places and social occurrences are all defined by race. The difference that exists between people is linked to power as the organization of people and resources. In constructing people as different or deviant, those people and practices become vulnerable to the powers of those deemed to be superior. The concept of racialization embodies the social construction and importance of historical events that shape our current understanding and perception of race.
It is evident that bias exists in the legal systems, which works for and against certain people in certain locations and is also evident in the ways we criminalize and prosecute certain racial groups.
Race as a social construct is formulated through geography, politics, and economics as well as social and…

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