Racial Division Of Medi The Double Standard

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Racial Division in Media: The Double Standard

James Salone
4503 Independent Studies – COMM 4993
MTWR 7-8:50

Key Words: Public Opinion, Process Message, Propaganda, Perception, Moral Panic,

The words in print and the images on the television screen is hard to determine whether the media deliberately supports a white supremacist agenda or if the media has been transformed into something that is not considered intentional but just as dangerous. Media coverage efforts should include critical research focused on racial biases within media that are marginalizing and over criminalizing other races used to persuade ideologies. Many studies have researched the ideas of impartial racial bias in media (media and social media) in law enforcement and the legal field. There is a subconscious idea that harbors racist feelings while associating black (the color) with negativity and often marginalized groups have to deal with negative ideas and neglect delegated by those who control media. Mass media cultivate attitudes and values which are already present in a culture as the media maintain and spread these values amongst members of a culture, thus binding it together and creating social ideologies.
Media- How does media work?
Media has three forms such as print, radio and television and serves many purposes to inform, persuade, and entertain. Representation, interpretation, and evaluation are the three primary ways that affects the way the audience can perceive a…

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