Racial Division Of Medi The Double Standard

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Racial Division in Media: The Double Standard James Salone 4503 Independent Studies – COMM 4993 MTWR 7-8:50 Key Words: Public Opinion, Process Message, Propaganda, Perception, Moral Panic, Introduction The words in print and the images on the television screen is hard to determine whether the media deliberately supports a white supremacist agenda or if the media has been transformed into something that is not considered intentional but just as dangerous. Media coverage efforts should include critical research focused on racial biases within media that are marginalizing and over criminalizing other races used to persuade ideologies. Many studies have researched the ideas of impartial racial bias in media (media and social media)…show more content…
Media representations are ways in which a particular group, communities, ideas, topics, and experiences are portrayed (Breach, 2012). Media representations shapes the audience perceptions of experiences from their beliefs about race, gender, class, and their expectations about what is appreciated or accepted in society, and their notions of suburban, urban, and rural life. However, it is vital to know that people are not simply inert beings who consent with all of these representations without questioning. Social scientists argue that scholars are able to resist these representations, resistance that is often specific to adopting stances valued in certain context, particularly if they can parody or adopt creative alternatives to representations. Whether intentional or unintentional, the news and the entertainment media teach the public about other ethnic groups as well as minorities, and societal groups’ such as women, the LGBTQ community. Second, this media program or society has a particularly powerful instructive impact on people who have little contact with members of the direct groups being treated. Media images have the highest impact on perception when the viewers have fewer reality experiences with the topic (race, etc.), meaning what is viewed, read, or heard can be in relation to the real world. The second job of media is the interpretation by the audience. In the media world there is something called the process message which is what you want the
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