Racial Equality And Equality

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During the Civil Rights Movement, one of the biggest organizations involved in the movement was the Congress of Racial Equality, also known as CORE, one of the most prominent organizations that had been responsible for the massive outpouring of direct action against housing, employment, and educational discrimination. During the Civil Rights Movement, CORE had worked with other civil rights groups to fight back racial inequality with aims to desegregate public facilities such as the Freedom Rides, the Freedom Summer voter registration and the March on Washington. Seeing as to how CORE had contributed to the promotion of desegregation in the United States as well as advocating for racial equality it is evident that CORE is one of the most important and vital organizations of the Civil Rights Movement and without CORE the fight for racial equality and desegregation would have been compromised. Rather, throughout the entirety of the Civil Rights Movement and the many rallies and movements that had been organized it is evident that the Congress of Racial Equality’s participation and efforts had greatly contributed to the establishment of nationwide awareness towards the horrors of racial discrimination as well the gradual deconstruction and prohibition of race-based segregation in areas of public education, job opportunities, public settings, and voting rights.
CORE was first founded in 1942 by an interracial group of pacifists at the University of Chicago to

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