Racial Equality

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Throughout the history of United States, many different races, classes, gender and religions received discrimination and are taken advantage through economic and social means. This eventually led to the formation of many different social groups. Most of the social groups are formed by minorities trying to gain equality in the society. These social groups did not go through an easy path; they experienced the highs and the lows of trying to make a difference. A lot of these social groups started during the Civil Rights Movement, and some still existed today. Many of the social groups were established by African- Americans. Before, most Africans were brought to the United States as slaves; they were beaten and not given the same rights as any other person in the country. However, during the US Civil War, the slaves were freed with the submission of the Emancipation Proclamation. Even though they were freed, African- Americans were still treated unjustly. During the Civil Rights Movement, many of African- Americans started to fight for their rights as citizens. They started with ending segregation. In 1896, during the Plessy v. Ferguson court case, the US Supreme Court declared that whites and black are “separate but equal.” However, African- Americans were not given same treatment when it comes jobs, education, and in public places. Moreover, African- Americans established many different groups to gain equality in the United States. One of the most known group is the
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