Essay Racial Equality in Literature

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Racial Equality is something that has long been discussed and fought for. Through the look of two pieces within The Contemporary Reader, by Gary Goshgarian, the reader can see how each author employs the use of rhetoric to persuade, inform, and inspire the reader to change or reinforce their current beliefs on this topic. David Brooks’ essay “People Like Us” set out to put down the belief that America truly cares for diversity and is doing all it can to support it. His primary focus lies in the fact that people tend to “self-segregate” in the places that they live. Goshgarian labeled this piece as a “process analysis” which is an explanation of how something operates and Brooks essay does just that. The way that he presents his …show more content…
Brooks playing up his credibility would not be effective in presenting this kind of information because it takes away from trying to explain how this segregation is occurring and puts a lot of the focus on himself. The way that Brooks organizes his piece is by first proving his point by listing out examples of how self-segregation is happening within living situations. He uses facts like, “These neighborhoods don’t yet have reputations…But as neighborhoods age, they develop personalities (that’s where Asians live, and that’s where the Hispanics live), and segmentation occurs” (Brooks 367). He uses statements like this to show how people have clustered with others that are similar to themselves. He then moves on in his examples by explaining how this segregation is happening within institutions. “So in a semi-self selective pattern, brainy people with generally liberal social mores flow to academia, and brainy people with generally conservative mores flow elsewhere” (Brooks 369). Brooks builds up his argument by starting small scale and eventually moving up to larger scale to show that self- segregation is happening anywhere and everywhere in America. Structuring his piece in this way gives the reader a new look on the issue and causes them to become more aware of what the author is bringing to light. It also causes them to rethink what they might have previously believed about our country being as diverse as it claims to be. The way that Brooks