Racial Exploitation In America

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This examination of poor housing areas also focusses on contemporary racial exploitation. Examples that can be seen in today’s era is the relationship between black customers and insurance and/or mortgage loans. (Lipsitz, 8). Regardless of who they are, data shows that they already pay more for insurance or mortgage than white people. (Lipsitz, 10 - 11). They have little insurance coverage for communities of larger black communities than compared to predominantly white communities. (Lipsitz 10). Although the black community of the present appears to have much more rights (such as being “possible” to obtain services that whites have access to) than compared to the slavery era of blacks, the constant witnessing of unfairness in economics can still be witnessed. With such obstacles, it increases the chance of foreclosure for black families and thus…show more content…
She explains that being a mestiza, she believes having a conscious of multiple ideas is important. As a Mexican and Indigenous person, she said that she had “…no country, my homeland cast me out; yet all countries are mine…” (Anzaldua, 80). This means that as a mixed person, she identifies herself as belonging to both countries and as such, calls herself as her own country. The conscious that she has with this perspective of belonging to two different groups allows her to have the ability to critique and understand both cultures. In connection to me, I live in a Chinese/Vietnamese household. I learn to understand my inherited two family cultures between each other and deal/make peace between them. In addition, I also connect within American society by living here and I would also critique American culture’s attitudes on Chinese or Vietnamese culture. I perceive that I don’t fit into only one race, but my own separate fusion like how Anzaldua discusses herself as mestiza (Anzaldua,
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