Racial Formation As A Symbol Of Southern Pride

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Charity Sandlin

In our society today, it seems racial formation is on the rise. According to Omi and Winant, “racial formation is the sociohistoral processes, by which racial categories are created, inhabited, transformed, and destroys.” (1994:55). I believe class, status, and ethnicity play a major contributor to racial formation. An example of racial formation is the removal of the confederate flag, after an incident that involved a white man who shoot and killed nine black people in a church. Afterwards, photos appeared online of the shooter waving the confederate flag. The flag has since become a controversial symbol, portraying racialism and white supremacists. I have always seen the confederate flag in war movies and viewed …show more content…

I enjoy country music and country bars. Many people who love country music, even country music artist, use the confederate flag in music videos. Country people view themselves as southern boys and girls. Now the confederate flag is being labeled as rebellion and racism, groups of individuals who identify themselves as southern, is being labeled racist. Removing the confederate flag is transforming our society and causing more racial issues to reunite. In my opinion, its promoting hate and dividing our culture, which I interpreted as our society is taking steps back against the world of racism instead of moving forward. Another example of how racial formation is creating labels is how the Civil War Reenactments are going to take place now. If you have ever been to St. Augustine, you are well aware of this town 's history. states, “St. Augustine wouldn 't be the nation 's oldest continually occupied European settlement without many of the historical landmarks that tell of the city 's storied past. From Native Americans, Spanish settlers, British soldiers and the occasional pirate to 18th century dilettantes, tycoons and eccentric millionaires, St. Augustine has been home to a wide range of cultures, which are still preserved through the city 's historical sites.” Many people that live in this city perform Civil War Reenactments for tourist. The shows are very entertaining and educational. However, in these reenactments, the confederate flag

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