Racial Formation : Racism And Race

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Omi, Winant – Racial Formation
In Omi and Winant, Racial Formation the topic of what race is brought up. They bring up the question of "What is race?" Which lead to the use of pseudo-science to justify the physical difference that were observed. Race is later defined as a social construct which is shaped by broader societal forces.
In the United States the racial division between Blacks and Whites have been delineated in order to suppress Blacks. They have been enforced by arbitrary and non-consistent means.
Americans tend to infer a lot about other people based on their appearance. When we cannot pin down what someone is it makes us uncomfortable since we can categorize them. We use media to perpetuate stereotypes and myths which later become immutable so called truths.
We have a tendency to racialize people in order to better control people. In this sense, we have formed race in a way that is unstable.
Cornell, Hartmann – Ethnicity and Race
Ethnicity and Race are very difficult to define. The two words are so closely related and often times used interchangeably.
Ethnicity is characterized as the perceived belief that there is a commonality within a group may it be culture, language, religion, and/or history. They go on and state Schermerhorn’s definition of ethnic groups as those who are self-conscience of their identity
When describing Race they state that its roots are not within the biological realm. That Race is a social construct and cannot be defined genetically.…
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