Racial Formation Within Hegemony And Common Sense

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“Racial Formation within Hegemony and Common Sense in Society” In the title, “ Racial Formation in the United States”, author Michael Omi and Howard Winant argues that the problems of understanding race and how it can be established and seen to be the answer through the concept of hegemony within the racial cultures. Society needs to understand racial combination within each race, then understand how the force and the consent plays a major role within each party or community in the United States of America. Now, in the title, “A More Perfect Union,” author Barack Obama emphasizes that race has diverse stories in which it proves that we still hold common hopes in understanding society as a whole through common sense in racism. Barack Obama’s speech proves several ideas about race by comprehending how he became the president and how society interacts around the topic in which Michael Omi and Howard Winant tends to prove in the article. Omi and Winant’ s claims that racial categories serve in the U.S can be seen as common sense and hegemony concept. Hegemony shows the concept of how society tends to cultivate or destroy within each race in society by not understanding hegemony concept. Author, Michael Omi and Howard Winant quotes, “ Racial rule can be understood as a slow and uneven historical process which has moved dictatorship to democracy, from domination to hegemony. In this transition, hegemonic forms of racial rule-those based on consent---eventually came to supplant
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